Most tests on the market measure what a candidate knows (ability tests such as math skills or typing skills) or how a candidate sees themselves (personality tests). The NCB™, which measures executive cognitive functioning, looks at what a candidate does with the knowledge they have, rather than what that knowledge consists of.

The NCB measures the functioning of a part of the brain (the prefrontal cortex) involved in planning and organizational skills. Psychologists refer to this set of abilities as “executive cognitive functions”, which include such skills as decision-making, problem-solving and planning for the future. Thus, people with better executive cognitive functions are better able to solve problems, learn from mistakes, be flexible and adaptable, and organize and plan.

If any of these skills is important for the new position, then the 60-minute NCB™ test is a valuable tool.

The 4 step NCB™ process

Step 1
The NCB™ software is emailed to you and you install it on a computer with an internet connection.

Step 2
The potential candidate completes the NCB™ (this takes less than an hour).

Step 3
The results of the test are automatically transmitted, via the internet connection, to PsySelection.

Step 4
Our psychologists analyze the candidate’s performance and a report is generated and sent to you, outlining the relative strengths and weaknesses of this candidate as compared to the performance of a comparison (or norm) group.

• One comparison (or norm) group can consist of a selection of your best employees who are already working in the position or similar position you are trying to fill. These best employees are administered the NCB™ test. The average of your best employees’ scores is then calculated, and this provides a personalized comparison (or norm) group to which the job candidates are compared.

• Another comparison (or norm) group consists of the average of the scores of all the job candidates applying to the position you are trying to fill.

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