Finding the right person for the job is a challenging task. If you need help choosing the person with the highest likelihood of success for a particular position or project, PsySelection can provide you with concrete, reliable and predictive data to help you make your decision.

Using psychometric tests to assist in your hiring decisions has never been easier. They are all internet based. PsySelection sends you an email with the website to log into as well as the access codes. You sit your job candidate in front of a computer and let them complete the test. A detailed report is then emailed to you.

The personnel assessment consultants at PsySelection can help you incorporate scientific assessment and testing procedures to help you in your hiring decisions.

The graph below shows the benefits of adding valid tests to assist in your hiring decisions.

If the test’s validity is 0.2
If the test’s validity is 0.4
If the test’s validity is 0.6


Percentage increase in productivity

Note: for 10 applicants per job
Adapted from Herrnstein & Murray, 1994.





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