PsySelection is a company specializing in pre-employment testing, job candidate selection and assessment services, offered by the Montréal based psychologists of PsyMontreal.

In addition to saving time and money, the biggest advantage of using valid tests to assist you in your hiring decisions is the increased productivity of your workforce, managers and executives.

We are proud to offer valid, online tests (administered via the internet), developed by psychologists, including tests that measure planning and problem solving abilities, integrity and honesty, personality, values, leadership, and proficiencies in many types of jobs. We also offer the NCB™, a 45 minute online test which has been demonstrated to be the best predictor of job performance. Ask on of our Montreal based psychologists about it.

Because they are online tests, they can be administered from wherever you have an internet connection. Our simple and flexible pricing lets you pay per test ordered. Please contact us for our price list. We also offer flexible payment options for volume users.

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